1.    TUBITAK 1001: Design and Development of the High Temperature Fuel Cell Fueled by Reformate Gases for Evaluation of Micro- Cogeneration Application, 2015-2018.

2.    Atilim University ATÜ-LAP-SD-1314-02: Development of High Performance MEA for PEM Fuel Cell and Prototype Application of Solar Hydrogen Energy Hybrid System, 2013-2014.


3.    Atilim University ATÜ-LAP-1415-02: Development of High Performance Membrane Electrode Assembly for PEM Fuel Cell And Use In Fuel Cell Powered Scooter Prototype 2014-2015.


4.    Atilim University ATÜ-LAP-C-1516-03: Hydrogen Production from Sodium Borohydride and Development of Sodium Borohydride PEM Fuel Cell, 2015-2016.