Energy is one of the major problems of the world and our country since the energy resources are limited and fossil resources which are used widely cause air pollution and so they are considered as the main factor of the global warming and the climate change. Energy problem in our country is much more important because we are dependent upon the foreign countries in terms of primary energy resources and this dependency is increasing continuously. For these reasons our university opened an undergraduate program on energy engineering under the Faculty of Engineering in 2009. The objective of the program is to educate the students in the areas of the appropriate usage of our own energy resources, research for new energy resources and usage, improvement of new systems and processes, application, energy efficiency and all the other related fields.

Language of the program is English. We have a preparatory school of one year for the students who don’t have enough language skills. The freshman year of the curriculum is reserved for teaching the students the basic sciences (chemistry, physics and mathematics) and computer related courses together with English courses which are designed to improve the student’s comprehension and communication skills.

In the sophomore year, our students are introduced to the engineering courses which will be the basis of energy engineering and also Turkish courses. In the junior and the senior year, the courses are designed in a way that the students can fulfill the requirements of energy engineering and also gain expertise in the area of energy engineering according to their desires through the technical electives offered. The program also offers courses on Principles of Atatürk & History of Turkish Revolution in the junior year. The program is enriched by the non-technical electives that provide the students with the flexibility to pursue different interests in the social sciences and humanities. The design project which is prepared during the entire senior year, involves the students in an independent research which includes literature survey, problem formulation, design and development of a system, preparing a report and presenting their activities. Most of the courses have the advantage of application in the laboratories.
Energy engineering is an interdisciplinary engineering branch.